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CAV Strike Operations Official Miniature!

  • Molded in matte Gray Dual-Cast Plastic.
  • Made in the USA!
  • 10mm (1/180th) Scale. Measures L 52 x W 50 x H 56 mm (without weapons).
  • Includes one (1) 30mm black hex base.
  • Model is unpainted and requires some assembly. We recommend using your favorite brand of super glue.
  • Faction: The Ritterlich Republic | Chassis Type: Super - CAV (11 DT) | Task: Fire Support
  • Open Model: May be used by any faction!

At long last the mighty Mastodon is here! A long time CAV favorite, the Mastodon is the largest known CAV in the galaxy, shaking the ground as it marches across the battlefield and testing the resolve of even the most battle-hardened opponents.

Included with the Mastodon are extra weapons to allow you to build two different variants of the Mastodon, the Mammoth and the Oliphant, using the same base body.

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