Battlefield Supply Packs

Looking to add CAV: Strike Ops to your store? The CAV: Strike Ops Battlefield Supply Packs are designed to help you quickly stock your store with many of our latest product releases, providing a wide assortment of miniatures for new or existing players and extras of the more popular models.

Each Battlefield Supply Pack includes 82 plastic CAV: Strike Ops miniatures and two CAV-branded playing card decks with a total retail of over $520.00.

BONUS: To help with introducing CAV: Strike Ops to your store, we will add six (6) copies of the CAV: Strike Ops Core Rulebook (SKU 24950) to your first supply pack order for FREE! With an SRP of $24.99 each, that's $149.94 worth of additional product for you to sale at no extra cost!

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