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Official CAV: Strike Operations Licensed Product!

Produced by Fighting Pirannha Graphics, these water-slide decals are designed for use on CAV: Strike Operations miniatures and feature all of the main factions with both color and tactical emblems available.

Color decals are "backed" with white to make sure they stand out against the darkest of pain schemes.

Looking for individual units or custom designs? Make sure to visit www.fightingpirannhagraphics.com

Instructions for use:

These instructions are intended as a general guideline for applying FPG decals.

  1. Prepare your work area and gather what supplies you may want to use. These should include: scissors, sharp hobby knife, water dish, tweezers, decal setting solution and decal solvent.
  2. Cut around the decal, staying as close as possible to the edge of the desired decal.
  3. Place the separated decal in luke-warm water and allow 10-30 seconds for the paper backer to pull away from the decal.
  4. Coat the area of the model you want to use for the decal with setting solution.
  5. Position the decal over this area and allow it to dry. If really "wet" use the corner of a napkin to soak up the excess liquids.
  6. Apply another coat of setting solution (or decal solvent if an irregular surface) and allow to dry again.
  7. Seal as you see fit. Lacquer-based sealants are NOT recommended for FPG decals.

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