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RULES UPDATE 1.0: Since the release of the CAV Strike Operations rulebook in 2016, we have followed along with how people have played the game, periodically updating the rules with any errata or rules tweaks we felt would improve the flow of gameplay. Over the years, this has produced a series of downloadable documents that have become “unwieldy,” to say the least, leading to the release of the Rules Update 1.0 PDF.

While this FREE download replaces the core rules from the rulebook, it doesn’t invalidate it. Much of the book comprises background history and information, along with descriptions of the game’s major factions and military makeup.

There are no immediate plans to print a second edition of the rulebook as this update will be included in the upcoming campaign guide, The Rules of Engagement. An updated construction system is planned for the first Journal of Recognition book, with individual faction guides to eventually follow.

We hope you will continue to enjoy the CAV Strike Operations rulebook and CAV ON!

Download the RULES UPDATE 1.0 at: https://www.talon-games.com/errata

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This 128-page, full-colored, hardcover rulebook for CAV Strike Operations is a stand-alone game system that includes all the rules needed. The CAV Strike Operations game allows for quick and easy play that both novice and experienced players alike will enjoy game after game!

Set in the 23rd century, CAV Strike Operations brings the action as mighty star nations clash throughout the galaxy for ultimate control, the bulk of their fighting forces made up of the mighty CAVs and their elite pilots!

The CAV Strike Operations rulebook is a stand-alone game system that includes all the rules needed to play and requires no additional books. Featuring an innovative Damage Track system, CAV Strike Operations allows for fast play and an easy-to-learn rule system that both novice and experienced players alike are sure to enjoy hours of endless play!

In addition, CAV Strike Operations provides a complete construction system that allows players to design custom models and modify existing ones to their specifications.

Faction Squad Bundle: Why not add a faction faction-based Special Squad (4 models) with your retail purchase of the CAV Strike Operations Core Rulebook for only $10! Click Here to View!

Each special squad contains over $20 (MSRP) of plastic miniatures with bases and has been selected to provide the player with a good starting force to learn the basics of the game. Choose one squad from any of the listed factions, each containing four models (approximate Threat Value of 2500 points).

Download the FREE Quick-Start Rule Set HERE!

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